#### TASK EDITOR : Define your project tasks and create dependencies

Define tasks for your projects : you simply define WBS, Task description, Resource, Progress and date . The task editor will draw all your tasks in a simple Excel timeline graph. In one shoot, you can easily monitor each task progress, monitor each milestones linked to the task. When you create your tasks, you can also define tasks dependencies and quickly view if your task is late or earlier.

#### MILESTONE EDITOR : Define your project deliveries linked to tasks * * * Define each milestones , reports , documents or deliveries linked to your project. To create a new milestone, you define the reference number, the linked task , the ressource name and description. For each delivery, you enter the delivery date and the progress status. The milestone can be viewed/hidden partially or totally in Gantt chart

#### RESOURCE ALLOCATION : Define your ressources for each tasks * * * For each task, you can define your resources allocation, month by month One task may have several resource allocation and you can filter by ressource, tasks and project. Visual status warm you if the resource allocation is incoherent with your tasks definition and progress The resource allocation is simple but powerfull as it helps you to focus on essential part of your projects