AXL Project Manager : Excel AddIn/Template solution

Latest News: Version 1.0.2 available !! Great speed optimisation, bug fixed, new functions (Autofit,MultiBackup,Hide milestone) Try the Project manager based on Microsoft Excel (Excel 2007/2010/2013) Build your project with your team, and share easily with sub-contractors and customers #### FEATURES * * * - Works with multiple Project worbooks - Easy to try : No installation/No LeftOver - Easily define tasks and task dependencies. - Assign Milestones/Actions to each tasks. - Assign resources to multiple projects. With Excel format, you can share all your data with your team, your customers and your sub-contrators.

#### BENEFITS * * * PRODUCTIVITY - Create a project in **2 minutes without installation !!** - 40 AXL users (employees/manager) = Only 1 MS project user for equivalent cost USER-FRIENDLY - The template is ready-to-use (Unlocked workbook) - Full access to Visual Basic Editor (Unlocked) - Customize the template/Create macro without restrictions SHARING - Save and share in Excel format - ​Share data with Team, Sub-contractors/Customer INSTALLATION - Fast deployment : No installation required - Secured installation : No Files/Registry written - Secured usage : 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia